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How to Stream Video and Music from Windows 7 to iPad without Syncing

Stefan Lilov
posted this on June 18, 2012, 4:57 PM

With version 4.3 and up iMediaShare for iOS enables video and music playback from local network DLNA/UPnP media servers. Now through iMediaShare iOS app you can play a video or music track directly on your iPad without syncing or side-loading. Here are few simple steps to achieve that:

Step 1: Turn Windows 7 into Media Server

On your PC open Microsoft Windows Media Player (Start Button > All Programs >Microsoft Windows Media Player). Once started click on Stream menu and make sure that "Automatically allow devices to play my media..." is set to on.


Step 2: Tap on Local Network icon

On your iPad launch iMediaShare and tap on Local Network icon.


A list of available media servers will be filled on the left under "Servers"Make sure your PC's Windows Media Player is among them. You can distinguish it by the Windows Media Player icon and name you have given your PC during Windows 7 setup.

Step 3: Select Windows Media Player

Tap on your Windows 7 Media Player from the list from Step 2. The right pane will be populated with four folders - Music, Videos, Pictures, Playlists.


Step 4: Select Video or Music Track to Play on iPad

Navigate through Videos or Music folders as you do on your Windows 7. Sliding left will open more files (if any) from the folder you are in. The dots at the bottom will indicate how many screens with files are preloaded for you.

Step 5: Play Video/Music Track on iPad

Select the video or music track you want to play by tapping on it.


From the list with devices select My iDevice. The video or music track will start playing back on your iPad. To control the playback use the same gestures as described in How to Control Playback with Gestures.

Now enjoy your favorite media wherever you are in the house!



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Justin Turley

Is there a way to do the exact opposite of what you described here?  i.e. stream iMediashare (Flipps) to my PC.  I don't want to watch my media on my tablet.  I want to watch content on my PC (which is really a HTPC connected to my big-screen TV). 

October 10, 2013, 7:01 PM